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    • January 22, 2020

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    PoSH Awards 2020

    KelpHR’s forte has always been – building safe and inclusive workplaces. As subject-matters experts on the prevention of Sexual Harassment, and armed by the experience of having helped an impressive number of clients across India achieve the same, KelpHR is naturally best suited to organize and host India’s first-ever Award Ceremony to recognize and reward the “Best Practices in Prevention of Sexual Harassment.”

    • Intending to motivate, recognize and honor organizations that have surpassed expectations in ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace, the eligibility criteria for a participating organization is having a PoSH policy in place.
    • Winners are selected across the different sizes of companies (small, medium, large) by an esteemed set of judges handpicked from the industry, and to be announced on January 22nd at the MCA Recreation Centre, at Mumbai.
    • Organizations can nominate themselves and participate by visiting kelphrposhawards.com and emailing poshawards@kelphr.com with the relevant details. KelpHR assures the confidentiality of data received from participating organizations.

    The awards that organizations can nominate themselves are:

    • Safe Workplace Award

    Participating organizations would need to showcase their best practices and innovative ideas towards reducing/eliminating sexual harassment, workplace harassment, and discrimination. By providing details of equipping their Internal Committee (IC), frequency of safety trainings conducted, data around employees’ feeling of safety, safety measures for employees within and outside the office, as well as for visitors and contractors, amongst other information (including best practices during the years 2017 to 2019), an organization stands a good chance of demonstrating itself as the forerunner of safe workplaces in India.


    • Best Culture Award

    Enrolling organizations would need to focus on their initiatives aimed at promoting and sustaining their culture and ethos. Organizations with the best practices can prove themselves to be the leaders in this category, by sharing the impact of culture on their organization and the contribution of stakeholders (management, employee’s, PoSH Committee, Human Resources) towards building it, in addition to the innovative ideas that catalyzed the reduction of workplace harassment or discrimination, while also sharing other relevant statistics like gender ratios, diversity, and inclusion related testimonials.


    • Best Organization for PoSH Award

    To secure themselves in a vantage spot for this award, organizations need to exhibit the date of publishing their PoSH policy, numbers of cases reported and handled in the last 3 calendar years, those closed beyond the 90-day time-limit, the number of awareness sessions conducted and the methodologies adopted, safety measures, the structure and constitution of the IC, the investments made towards up-skilling the IC member team, the gender ratios across levels, and the best practices of prevention measures, amongst others.

    By hosting these awards, KelpHR galvanizes organizations into raising the bar and setting new standards for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace.

    The wait for the exemplars of workplace safety, culture and PoSH ends soon. Watch this space on 22nd January 2020 for details of the leaders of the pack.

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