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The impact of smoking breaks on Inclusion

After a year of planning, our rather large team finally got together for a two-day outbound event. On day one of the team-building activity, the boss on his customary smoking break was eagerly joined by the cigarette-smoking members of the team. Witnessing the bonhomie evolve, many non-smoking members who could withstand the smoke, soon joined …

5 proven tips for Hiring Managers for Inclusive Hiring

5 proven tips for Hiring Managers for Inclusive Hiring

Awaiting our turn outside a ‘not-so-soundproof’ cabin, we overhear an irate Hiring Manager talk to his Recruitment counterpart saying ‘Let’s close the position with the candidate we interviewed yesterday. There is no time to lose in interviewing other candidates just to meet the Diversity and Inclusion criteria, especially when we are firefighting at a production …

Addressing gender stereotypes at work

Addressing Gender Stereotypes in Job Roles

When my super boss called me to his cabin, I assumed he wanted to guide me on preparing for the overseas Internal Job Posting that I had applied for. As a top performer, I knew I had a good chance of being selected. Sadly, he hadn’t called to provide me guidance. The meeting circled around …

Homemaker is such an important role, so why should women come to workforce?

As per a Swedish survey, the Indian stats at manufacturing sectors hire only 3% to 12% women. While China’s number is much higher at around 25%. During my workshops at manufacturing sectors the common query that employees have in their minds.  “Why should women work? Aren’t they better off taking care of homes, isn’t that …

Benefits of a diverse organisation

Benefits of a diverse organisation We live in a land of diversity. Organizations in this country have employees from different religions, speaking diverse languages, belonging to various castes, regions of origin and even dissimilar sexual orientation. More women have entered the workforce, and those with a physical disability are beginning to find a place for …

Biases In The Life Of Women

  Are you aware of the fact that gender bias starts even before a child is born? How many of you have wanted to ask or have asked someone who’s due for delivery, “Do you want a girl or a boy?’’ or “Will you be happy if it’s a girl or a boy?”While mostly urban …