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The Blurred Lines – The future of a freelance HR professional

The Industrial Revolution (1860 – 1840) highlighted the transition from hand production methodologies to machine technology that churned out higher productivity and yielded increased profit margins. It was a time when wood was replaced with bio-gas and other fuels, channelling industries to aid in the development of a nation. Through time, the workforce talent has grown, …

Can you eat the cake and have it too?

Making the transformation from corporate rat race to a freelance HR professional To be our own boss, not having to choose between flexibility, family and finance, to work hard but on our own terms is what many of us aspire for. I had these questions too, I am a mom, with a school going son, …

Organising the Unorganised

Why is mall concept so popular? Why folks prefer departmental stores over local kirana shop? Why is online shopping on a rise? Reasons are pretty simple……. It is a one stop shop for people’s needs. It is convenient and safe. User experience is amazing Do you think there is a need for an HR marketplace? …