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    Corona virus: sexual harassment cases coming to work from home

    It is an absolute honour to be featured in @bbcindia article on the abuses faced by women even while working from home. It is high time we raise our voices for the injustice happening around us!

    Crossing the line online

    Viji Hari shares her thoughts with TOI on the different forms of Sexual harassment issues faced by organisations while WFH.

    At BSE 100 companies, survey finds more cases of sexual harassment reported as awareness grows

    MUMBAI:About a year after the #Me-Too movement went viral with the Harvey Weinstein case, India has seen a similar upsurge as women have called to account men in the film, media and comedy industries for sexual assault and harassment.  Read more…..

    Mumbai: Smita C Kapoor awareness about sexual harassment in offices

    Often after her sessions against sexual harassment in offices, a pushback Smita C Kapoor receives from some employers is that they will stop hiring women. “It is the most irritating pushback I receive from men. I explain that women form almost 50 per cent of the population and there is no such place for discrimination …

    Is Sexual Harassment Act really effective

    Sexual harassment remains a major concern in India as  only 45 per cent organisations admitting that the  law in this regard made their workplace safer. A recent survey revealed that though the Act had increased awareness levels, the number of cases being reported had not seen an upsurge. KelpHRin collaboration with National HRD Network, recently …

    This Upcoming Film Will Help Us Understand What Happens After Cases of Workplace Sexual Harassment are Filed

    So the news has just broken that an FIR has been filed against TVF CEO and Chief Dude Bro Arunabh Kumar, and he’s been booked under Indian Penal Code sections 354  (for sexual harassment) and 509 (for word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman). The Hindustan Times reports that there’s no indication that he’s filed …