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PoSH Act benefits

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How does a ‘Culture of Silence’ creep into the workplace?

Reading an amazing article by Dulini Fernando and Ajnesh Prasad on “How Managers, Co-workers, and HR Pressure Women to Stay Silent About Harassment” made me think of Kripa, the smart recruit, whose short stint in our team was marked with turbulence. Kripa was hired to provide Senior Management with daily operations numbers. To ensure that …

5 ways to enhance your company’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

At the beginning of a training program on Anti-Sexual Harassment, the trainer enthusiastically asked us ‘What do you expect from this session?’ Our group, noisy till then, miraculously turned silent in response. Each one expecting the other to answer. Finally, a senior employee salvaged the situation by providing a politically correct answer and appeasing the …


KelpHR PoSH Awards 2020– The complete list of Winners

KelpHR hosted India’s first-ever award ceremony in Mumbai on 22nd January 2020 to recognize and reward the best practices of safety and inclusion at the workplace. With a huge turnout of small, medium and large organizations vying for the prestigious “PoSH Awards, (Prevention of Sexual Harassment Awards)” those who richly merited them for their initiatives …

KelpHR hosts India’s first-ever Award Ceremony to recognize and reward the “Best Practices in Prevention of Sexual Harassment”

KelpHR’s forte has always been – building safe and inclusive workplaces. As subject-matters experts on the prevention of Sexual Harassment, and armed by the experience of having helped an impressive number of clients across India achieve the same, KelpHR is naturally best suited to organize and host India’s first-ever Award Ceremony to recognize and reward …