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#PoSH Act 2013

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  • #PoSH Act 2013

The power of collective complaints against sexual harassment

While climbing down the stairs at the office, a kind co-worker slapped a bug off my behind. He showed me the dead bug, and I profusely thanked him. Over the next couple of months, I stumbled upon stories of three other colleagues who had experienced an ‘altruistic’ co-worker crush a bug either off their shoulder, …

Male silence on sexual harassment of women at the workplace

At the end of a glitzy office party, a few of us colleagues who were good friends continued the party at one of our houses. Taking a break from the regular boss-bashing, we instead, tore apart a senior leader who we noticed had got close to a female worker at the party. For, all of …


KelpHR PoSH Awards 2020– The complete list of Winners

KelpHR hosted India’s first-ever award ceremony in Mumbai on 22nd January 2020 to recognize and reward the best practices of safety and inclusion at the workplace. With a huge turnout of small, medium and large organizations vying for the prestigious “PoSH Awards, (Prevention of Sexual Harassment Awards)” those who richly merited them for their initiatives …

KelpHR hosts India’s first-ever Award Ceremony to recognize and reward the “Best Practices in Prevention of Sexual Harassment”

KelpHR’s forte has always been – building safe and inclusive workplaces. As subject-matters experts on the prevention of Sexual Harassment, and armed by the experience of having helped an impressive number of clients across India achieve the same, KelpHR is naturally best suited to organize and host India’s first-ever Award Ceremony to recognize and reward …

Working in a harassment-free environment is not a perk, it’s your right

The new buzzwords in the corporate space today are Diversity and Inclusion. There are new policies that are becoming a key trend and organizations which are setting benchmarks each day. This is a good situation to be in. However, in many cases, because Diversity and Inclusion are being viewed as a good-to-do thing and not …