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Anu* works in an IT organization as a module lead and is a diligent and happy employee. Her manager Arun* and she had been going steady for seven months and both have been professional enough not to let this relationship affect their work requirements.

 A month back, however, Anu realized that Arun may not be the right person for her. She politely but firmly expressed this to Arun and ended their relationship. Disappointment turned to frustration with Arun who started using his hierarchical authority to Anu’s disadvantage. She was excluded from critical meetings, not nominated for relevant training programs and singled out for unfair criticism that left her feeling humiliated in the midst of her colleagues.quid pro quo 1

When Anu asked Arun about the reasons for being treated so, she was told that if she would accede to his requests, she would be given her due at work. Anu made it clear to Arun that it was neither correct nor professional to harass her so and that she wished to be treated on merit and with dignity.

 When, after a few weeks, Anu found that Arun’s behavior did not change, she filed a case of sexual harassment against him with the HR department.


What do you think happened following Anu’s complaint?

If you were the HR or senior leadership in Anu’s organization, how would you deal with her complaint?


Let us see what happened in Anu’s organization.

  •       HR immediately notified the Internal Complaints Committee
  •       An internal process of inquiry was initiated by the committee including questioning of relevant witnesses to the alleged     behaviour of the manager.
  •       The Committee found enough evidence to substantiate Anu’s complaint of sexual harassment and recommended  immediate termination of Arun’s employmentNow Or Later Keys Shows Delay Deadlines And Urgency



  •       The organization took the right steps to act appropriately in this case.
  •       Sexual harassment is termed as a violation of human rights in India and the Supreme Court of India has set out clear guidelines for employers to redress and prevent sexual harassment at the workplace
  •       HR did the appropriate thing by immediately notifying the Internal Complaints Committee, instead of trying to mediate a case that was clearly in the realm of sexual harassment. (see box for what constitutes sexual harassment)
  •        The Committee, subsequent to its impartial investigation, determined that it was a case of sexual harassment and recommended the termination of the manager.

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