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      Arti Kris

    • December 5, 2020

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    Meena Menon was a go-getter, brilliant, confident and successful. Meena lived in a beautiful up- market house with her husband, children and in-laws. She loved them all and loved her job. Yet Meena wasn’t happy.

    She was well placed in a prestigious organization. She had a great social circle. Her husband and kids were doing well too. It seemed a perfect life but Meena wasn’t happy.

    Meena had everything going for her but she still felt a deep void. A restless feeling. A feeling that something was missing. One evening, over a drink, a friend mentioned to Meena that she might benefit from meeting with her yogic and spiritual guru. Meena promised her friend that she would think about it and get back to her.

    Meena made an appointment with the guruji. After her first few sessions with the guruji and having discussed her ambitious, feelings and life in general. Guruji suggested Meena take up a few weekly tasks that would benefit her and fill the void and emptiness she was feeling.

    The first task involved spending time with two people who she spent little time with and found it difficult to get along with. She had to pick one person in her family and one from her work place. Meena did exactly that. She chose to spend more time with her mother-in law doing things her mother-in –law enjoyed. At work, she spent more time with her new sub-ordinate who she thought was incompetent and lazy. She made an attempt to coach him and engage him with more responsibilities. Meena felt good that week and couldn’t wait to tell her Guruji how liberated she felt. Letting go of the little irritants made her shoulders feel lighter and her mind was at ease.

    The next task involved working on her health. Guruji asked her to start on a new and healthy habit that she had to do for the next 21 days. Meena was in a demanding job and found little time to work on herself. Guruji suggested she wake up an hour earlier and start her day with some exercise. He spoke to her about the benefits of suryanamaskar. And for the next 21 days, Meena woke up early did a few suryanamaskars. Meena was feeling more energetic and happy than ever before. She wasn’t rushing to work anymore .She even started preparing a healthy breakfast every morning, which she enjoyed with her family at the table before they all set off for the day.

    She felt wonderful.

    Meena was glad she had met Guruji. She couldn’t wait for the next task to be given to her. On her next appointment Guruji told her to pick three situations in her life that were posing as a problem and she had to come up with solutions for them. Meena spent a lot of time thinking about her problems and coming up with various solutions. She spent so much time thinking of solutions that the problem did not seem to stress her out anymore. Even if a solution failed, she realized that there would eventually be an answer. Every problem can definitely be solved and all in good time. Meena started feeling at ease and seemed to be more relaxed.

    Towards the end of her sessions, Guruji, made a suggestion that she reflect and think about the changes she made in her lifestyle and how it helped her. Guruji reminded her to be thankful for every single day and to be forgiving. She said gratitude and forgiveness are the most therapeutic and powerful qualities that every person should work on and practice. Meena was thankful that her friend had suggested she meet the Guruji. She slowly felt the void being filled. She realized she was capable of squeezing in so much more into her busy schedule. She felt differently, she felt good and content. She wasn’t sure how long this would last but she decided she would enjoy the moment and live for today. She realized she controlled her happiness quotient

    All of us want to be happy, it’s our end goal but we spend a lifetime finding it, not knowing where to find it. Happiness lies in the everyday small things and actions and when we create those small habits and make those small tweaks we find happiness, find joy in each day and lead a more fulfilling life.

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