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    Is Covid-19 Affecting Your Mental Health?

    Is Covid 19 Affecting Your Mental Health? What You Can Do.

    There are millions of people today who are reeling under the repercussions of the pandemic but have to silently suffer through it.  Women in general, and particularly those working from home who have been cut off from support systems of maids, nannies, and caregivers are physically and mentally drained. Everyone is going through a gamut …

    Managing Relationships at Work

    Managing relationships at work are an aspect one cannot ignore. Building positive relationships at the workplace is vital for a successful career. Relationships at the workplace can have a positive or negative impact on job satisfaction and productivity. Positive work relations make employees more comfortable and less intimidated by others, thereby becoming a source of …

    Managers – Employee Wellness Begins With YOU

    With the beginning of the Knowledge Revolution, unlike its predecessor, the Industrial revolution, the role of people forming an Organisation has changed. The Factory Supervisor was an individual who may have been a worker and then promoted to a supervisory role. And therefore, knew exactly what the worker had to do, during his clocked-in hours. …


    Earlier this year, like most of us in 2020, I found myself in the midst of doubts about a job loss. Like most, I tumbled upon the Linkedin Learning on Resilience. Though I can’t seem to recall much of what was covered in the learning capsule, I started researching on the word origin. So, the …

    Where do you look for Happiness?

    Meena Menon was a go-getter, brilliant, confident and successful. Meena lived in a beautiful up- market house with her husband, children and in-laws. She loved them all and loved her job. Yet Meena wasn’t happy. She was well placed in a prestigious organization. She had a great social circle. Her husband and kids were doing …