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#Anti Sexual Harassment

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Who says 'Everything's Alright'?

We spoke to some industry experts who are working for the cause of women, 3rd party ICC external members, on the issue of Sexual Harassment at the Workplaces. We asked them ‘How much’ of the law has been implemented. This is what they said…  

An Amendment for clarity

When the law The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013  was passed in 2013, it was clear that prevention and prohibition played larger role than redressal. The committee which was commissioned to do this was called ICC – Internal Complaints Committee. Due to its overtone as internal “complaints” committee many …

Survey on Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, India

December 2013 saw the birth of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act or ASH as it has come to be known in corporate parlance. With the government now recognising harassment of employees in the workplace as a crime, every organisation began to focus on calibrating their internal processes for channelizing any reported incidents. Every organisation with more …

Unravelling the Intricacies of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act

In recent years, managing a globally diverse workforce has transformed organizational dynamics to a great extent. One of the key focus areas for Indian companies is keeping the workplace secure for its employees, especially women. A safe workplace is every employee’s legal right, and organizations are mandated to give this security. As a leader of …

Anti Sexual Harassment-Quid pro quo Case Study

Anu* works in an IT organization as a module lead and is a diligent and happy employee. Her manager Arun* and she had been going steady for seven months and both have been professional enough not to let this relationship affect their work requirements.  A month back, however, Anu realized that Arun may not be …