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    • June 19, 2020

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    Ever noticed the subdued groans in the air, when corporate e-learnings are launched?

    You find employees gravitating towards thinking of them as a burden, and managers and HR dreading achieving 100% completion from employees.

    Employees, in their defense, quote the lack of time, the irrelevance of the training, incompatible infrastructure, and more. Well, the occasional lack of motivation and discipline required to complete self-paced e-learnings is another part of the story. But taken together, it makes  100% e-learning completion seem like a feat in itself, across organizations world over.

    So when you come across an organization like Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd. that breezily drives 100% completion of KelpHR’s PoSH e-learning module, you wonder how they did it?

    KelpHR caught up with Mr. Karthik Battaram, Deputy General Manager – Training, Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd. – to understand how he and his competent team drove a straightforward 100% completion of the KelpHR PoSH e-learning module at their organization.

    Here’s what we spoke:

    KelpHR: Why is it generally tough for organizations to reach 100% completion for e-learnings?

    Karthik Battaram: Yes. Driving 100% completion is never easy, especially when it is targeted at multi-level employee bands and diversified locations besides confronting challenges on the technical side, infrastructure, and the culture of the organizations.

    KelpHR: How challenging is it to drive a 100% e-learning completion at the workplace?

    Karthik Battaram: The first 50% to 60% is relatively easy to drive. Reaching 100% completion, however, needs a strategy built around innovation and persistence.

    KelpHR: How did you drive 100% completion of KelpHR’s PoSH e-learning module at your organization?

    Karthik Battaram: It is important to adopt a multi-pronged approach. Here’s what we did:

    • Big launch event – We announced KelpHR’s PoSH e-learning with a big energetic launch event. And backed it up with robust internal promotion.

    • Dedicated e-group – With a dedicated e-group, the importance of the e-learning was spotlighted to employees and the organization.

    • Multiple platforms – Providing focused attention to the e-learning via multiple platforms, like internal and external mailers, and group messages, helped.

    • Motivating employees – We channelized actions by motivating and incentivizing employees.

    • Personal connect – One-to-one calls played a critical role in resolving the challenges that employees were facing in completing the e-learning. Such personal connect helped achieve the last 5% – 10% completion.

    • Leadership focus – Regular MIS updates to Department Heads and leaders brought united focus to the completion of the e-learning.

    • SPoCs – SPoCs identified from each department ably helped us drive completion.

    • Internal competitions – By fostering a culture of internal competition for early completion, we created a lot of excitement and fun around completing the e-learning.

    Also, a dedicated member of our team driving this initiative, plus the delightful service from a vendor like KelpHR.

    As Karthik Battaram has shown, driving 100% e-learning completion with an innovative approach is necessary, and more so in the post-COVID19 world.

    e-learning is already at a cusp with the global corporate e-learning market size at 64.4 billion $ in 2019 and expected to grow to a CAGR of 9.16% during 2019-2025. Making e-learning successful is both important and well within our reach with the right tools and support.

    At KelpHR, we support you with a wealth of online resources around PoSH – including the PoSH elearning module demo at https://youtu.be/KPP2fAQKhTs

    Feel free to reach out to us at info@kelphr.com for any help in launching e-learning for your employees on PoSH awareness.

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