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ieee 442x193 - 5 Types of Workplace Harassment and ways to stop it.

5 Types of Workplace Harassment and ways to stop it.

An article by Vijayalakshmi Harikrishnan; CEO Kelp HR on 5 key types of workplace harassment and ways to stop it has been published by the IEEE India Council Newsletter in the Apr-Jun 2019 issue.

common biases in the workplace 442x249 - Common biases in the workplace

Common biases in the workplace

We cannot pretend that biases do not exist. They do. It is a natural part of us and because of decades of stereotyping and heuristic thinking, it is deeply ingrained. Biases can permeate the air of an organization, influencing everyday decisions and eventually deterring the organization’s ability to thrive in a hyper-competitive world. In the …

Rape representation 43Colleague 442x248 - Woman alleges sexual harassment by 43 of her colleagues

Woman alleges sexual harassment by 43 of her colleagues

In a shocking incident, a woman engineer of a company has lodged a complaint with the Noida police alleging that she was molested by 43 employees of her company. The complainant, who is in her mid 20s, is a resident of Ghaziabad and has been working with the Noida branch of the IT company since …

What if the witness refuses to speak in an Internal Committee inquiry?

    Problem Statement:  As per CCTV evidence and the victim’s statements a witness was present when the incident occurred. But the witness feigns ignorance. This witness’s testimony is very crucial to the case. As an IC member, is there any action that can be taken?  Witness’s Right to silence. The Constitution of India guarantees every person …

Biases That We Pass on – to Our Next Generation!

  They say that biases is what has helped us make our civilisation exist through all caveman time and till now! But I am intrigued, have some of these biases been inherited – rather passed on! My thought was confirmed with this incident. So, it all started with my daughter’s drama show on the weekend. …

Why CEO's Are Still Against Implementing PoSH Compliance?

    The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 came into existence and enforcement from the year 2013 for the safety of woman at workplaces. But, ‘why are the employers still hesitant or against implementing the Act’ in their corporate system? The reasons vary: *        It takes the least …


Can smileys sent on WhatsApp land you in trouble and cost you your job? Can it be termed as Sexual Harassment? Yes, as per the recent BSNL Sexual harassment case filed by a lady employee in Tuticorin. The context, type of smiley sent, the frequency and time when the message was sent needs to be …


We have travelled some distance in understanding Harassment at the Workplace. However, there is a reality that we are avoiding! People who spend 9 – 12 hours at the Workplace and have close interaction on projects, deadlines and even join Facebook and other interest clubs together, will eventually find themselves in a romantic relationship with …

POSH Annual Report Filing Simplified…

PoSH Annual report filing Simplified: Annual Report filing is becoming a big discussion point at all our Internal Committee meets as there is a lot of ambiguity among HR leaders, Compliance Officers about how to go about it. I thought of putting it down clearly so employers are clear about their roles in being compliant. …



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