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Biases That We Pass on – to Our Next Generation!

  They say that biases is what has helped us make our civilisation exist through all caveman time and till now! But I am intrigued, have some of these biases been inherited – rather passed on! My thought was confirmed with this incident. So, it all started with my daughter’s drama show on the weekend. …


No. you won’t. This is the first thought that crosses our mind when we are in a dilemma – whether or not to complain about harassment we encounter at the work. Our country has legislations and rules to combat sexual harassment and it is our duty to foster change in our workplaces by using these …

Anti Sexual Harassment -Hostile work environment Case Study

Niharika* works with a leading consulting organisation and leads a 5-member team. She is a hardworking professional who is ambitious and career-oriented. Niharika has been working in the same position for three years and has been assured a promotion by her supervisor Suresh*, due to her superlative performance. Like other working days, Niharika reached her …

Anti Sexual Harassment-Quid pro quo Case Study

Anu* works in an IT organization as a module lead and is a diligent and happy employee. Her manager Arun* and she had been going steady for seven months and both have been professional enough not to let this relationship affect their work requirements.  A month back, however, Anu realized that Arun may not be …