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ieee 442x193 - 5 Types of Workplace Harassment and ways to stop it.

5 Types of Workplace Harassment and ways to stop it.

An article by Vijayalakshmi Harikrishnan; CEO Kelp HR on 5 key types of workplace harassment and ways to stop it has been published by the IEEE India Council Newsletter in the Apr-Jun 2019 issue.

SHe Box 442x249 - Why ‘SHe-Box’ will get a thumbs up from the working women of India?

Why ‘SHe-Box’ will get a thumbs up from the working women of India?

‘SHe-Box’ can be the game-changer for a woman encountering sexual harassment at the workplace in India. High profile cases of sexual harassment against women have always received significant attention world over and thereby probably a higher opportunity for fair redressal. But what about the plight of an ordinary woman, one for instance who has been …

How Biases Affect Our Logical Thinking?

When YouTube launched the video upload feature on their app, 5-10% of videos were uploaded upside-down and this perplexed Google developers. Could such a large percentage of users be shooting their videos incorrectly? Google engineers had inadvertently designed the app for right-handed users. They never considered the fact that phones are usually rotated 180 degrees …

What if the witness refuses to speak in an Internal Committee inquiry?

    Problem Statement:  As per CCTV evidence and the victim’s statements a witness was present when the incident occurred. But the witness feigns ignorance. This witness’s testimony is very crucial to the case. As an IC member, is there any action that can be taken?  Witness’s Right to silence. The Constitution of India guarantees every person …

FAQ's on Webinar For POSH Conducted By NHRD June 16,2017

A Webinar conducted by KelpHR with NHRD on 16th June 2017 on the topic, Incidents Of Sexual Harassment of Women At Workplace and Best Practices. The following is the link of the webinar …. Experts have answered the following FAQ’s asked by our participants from various companies during the webinar session…..  1.   What does …

Why CEO's Are Still Against Implementing PoSH Compliance?

    The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 came into existence and enforcement from the year 2013 for the safety of woman at workplaces. But, ‘why are the employers still hesitant or against implementing the Act’ in their corporate system? The reasons vary: *        It takes the least …


Can smileys sent on WhatsApp land you in trouble and cost you your job? Can it be termed as Sexual Harassment? Yes, as per the recent BSNL Sexual harassment case filed by a lady employee in Tuticorin. The context, type of smiley sent, the frequency and time when the message was sent needs to be …

FAQ's On Beyond Compliance – POSH 2.0

A Webinar conducted by KelpHR with Peoplematters on 22nd March 2017 on the topic BEYOND COMPLIANCE – POSH 2.0 . The following is the link of the webinar ….   Following are the FAQ’s asked by the participants from various companies during our webinar.   Q: What are the evidences the IC team should collect? …


No. you won’t. This is the first thought that crosses our mind when we are in a dilemma – whether or not to complain about harassment we encounter at the work. Our country has legislations and rules to combat sexual harassment and it is our duty to foster change in our workplaces by using these …

If You are a Victim, how to deal with SEXUAL HARASSMENT !!!

If you are victim, how to deal with Sexual Harassment: In my workshops, this is one of the most common question that people ask me. Not in the crowd but during the breaks or at the end of the session as an offline question, listing some of the common tips as below. • Make it …



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