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If you are victim, how to deal with Sexual Harassment:

In my workshops, this is one of the most common question that people ask me. Not in the crowd but during the breaks or at the end of the session as an offline question, listing some of the common tips as below.

• Make it clear to the harasser that you consider the behaviour as harassment.
• Say a firm ‘NO’ and tell the person to stop contacting you.
• Stop answering the person’s calls, emails, and other messages.
• Delete or mark the number as spam in your phone and social media accounts.
• Inform your friends and family what’s going on.
• Don’t publicize your location and daily habits.
• Keep records and evidences.
• Talk to the HR, Internal Complaints Committee or Harassment cell at your institution or workplace.
• If you work in an unorganized sector or organisation with less than 10 employees, then reach out to the
Local Complaints Committee.
If it is a rape or an assault or any form of criminal act, then a Police complaint needs to be lodged under the Indian Penal Code.

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