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Work Culture – Who sets the tone?

Just as individuals have distinct personalities, so do organizations. Each organization has its unique work culture. ‘Who’ sets the tone for the work culture is crucial as it impacts the organization’s ability to attract, engage, retain top talent and its potential to thrive.  Google has set the benchmark for the most enviable work culture of …

The impact of asking personal questions at work

When employers ask candidates or employees personal questions, it blurs the lines of professionalism and can potentially lead to unconscious bias and discrimination. World over, organizations are slowly beginning to comprehend the negative impact of asking personal questions at work.  Countries like the US and UK have made it illegal for employers to ask candidates …

Workforce Surveys- What works well for you

I just finished my 3rd survey of the week!!! Imagine that – I fill up 3-7 surveys a week – the cabs I travel in, restaurants we eat at, online purchase of food and groceries, and so on…. Now, it’s my turn to create a survey for my employees… What are all these surveys telling …

Business performance unplugged

Understanding the might of Learning Needs Analysis Limited budgets. Cost-effective solutions. Need to ensure bulls-eye targeting of monies and resources at areas where learning and development is needed. And, a guaranteed and measurable positive return on investment A business-effective solution to counter these challenges is the Learning Needs Analysis (LNA). LNA throws clarity to determine …

Hello professional, what is your shelf life?

I am a successful executive, consistently exceeding performance expectations. I am an engaged employee, a team player and committed to my organization. May I sit back and smile in satisfaction? Sure, smile you can, says a little voice within me. The voice of my friend, my good sense, I realize. But you need to turn …