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Gender Neutrality

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  • Gender Neutrality

Initiatives that increase women’s ratios in managerial levels

The banter of excited friends meeting at their 10th-year reunion filled the college lawn with verve. Gautam, a classic backbencher and now Marketing Director took this opportunity to flippantly tease his batchmate Neethu, presently the AVP-HR of a prominent bank. Gautam angled – ‘Neethu, I heard that women in the Banking industry are getting promoted …

Benefits of a diverse organisation

Benefits of a diverse organisation We live in a land of diversity. Organizations in this country have employees from different religions, speaking diverse languages, belonging to various castes, regions of origin and even dissimilar sexual orientation. More women have entered the workforce, and those with a physical disability are beginning to find a place for …

Survey on Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, India

December 2013 saw the birth of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act or ASH as it has come to be known in corporate parlance. With the government now recognising harassment of employees in the workplace as a crime, every organisation began to focus on calibrating their internal processes for channelizing any reported incidents. Every organisation with more …