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How Biases Affect Our Logical Thinking?

When YouTube launched the video upload feature on their app, 5-10% of videos were uploaded upside-down and this perplexed Google developers. Could such a large percentage of users be shooting their videos incorrectly? Google engineers had inadvertently designed the app for right-handed users. They never considered the fact that phones are usually rotated 180 degrees …

Classroom or Online Training: Getting training to work for you

Ask an employee today about what motivates him/her and the answer you most likely will get is –better career progression. Ask a HR head of any organization about the biggest challenge on hand and they will say – high attrition due to their inability to effectively engage their employees. Dealing with a workforce that is …

Organising the Unorganised

Why is mall concept so popular? Why folks prefer departmental stores over local kirana shop? Why is online shopping on a rise? Reasons are pretty simple……. It is a one stop shop for people’s needs. It is convenient and safe. User experience is amazing Do you think there is a need for an HR marketplace? …