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  • #GenderSensitisation

Initiatives that increase women’s ratios in managerial levels

The banter of excited friends meeting at their 10th-year reunion filled the college lawn with verve. Gautam, a classic backbencher and now Marketing Director took this opportunity to flippantly tease his batchmate Neethu, presently the AVP-HR of a prominent bank. Gautam angled – ‘Neethu, I heard that women in the Banking industry are getting promoted …

Homemaker is such an important role, so why should women come to workforce?

As per a Swedish survey, the Indian stats at manufacturing sectors hire only 3% to 12% women. While China’s number is much higher at around 25%. During my workshops at manufacturing sectors the common query that employees have in their minds.  “Why should women work? Aren’t they better off taking care of homes, isn’t that …