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This Upcoming Film Will Help Us Understand What Happens After Cases of Workplace Sexual Harassment are Filed

So the news has just broken that an FIR has been filed against TVF CEO and Chief Dude Bro Arunabh Kumar, and he’s been booked under Indian Penal Code sections 354  (for sexual harassment) and 509 (for word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman). The Hindustan Times reports that there’s no indication that he’s filed …

Order an in-depth study on male child sexual abuse in India #EndTheIsolation

 I was 10 when I was sexually abused. Men who I had dearly trusted had violated me. The violation became a part of my life. It continued. Later on, as I grew up confused about love, men, and the pain inside me, I realised, what happened to me, was called ‘Child Sexual Abuse.’ The knowing should …

Working Women: To be or not to be

A lot of women drop out after they are married or post-maternity. This is in large part because women in India continue to shoulder the burden of childcare or elder care. At the same time, many employers fail to provide adequate maternity and childcare support to working mothers. There are multiple studies that have proven …


Reels to help redressal

Victims of sexual harassment (at work) rarely talk about it, much less file a complaint. If they do, they are blamed for it.Vaishnavi Sundar’s documentary, But What Was She Wearing, addresses the problem and highlights issues that prevent employees from seeking help. Read More…


Vikatan Article

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Tackling sexual harassment in the corporate world: This HR consultant is on a mission

Around four years ago, when Viji Hari, an ex-Infosys employee, wanted to branch out on her own, she zeroed in on something that focused on keeping the leering corporate-man/woman at bay. It was in 2013 that she began an HR consultancy -Kelp HR- that specializes in prevention and redressal of sexual harassment at the workplace, …


Viji Hari, CEO of KelpHR talks about what transpires Behind Closed Cubicles

Viji Hari is the CEO of KelpHR and the author of Behind Closed Cubicles (BCC) on how to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace.   A Pandora’s box was opened earlier this year in Silicon Valley when cases of sexual harassment in companies like Uber, and VC firms like 500 Startups’ surfaced. Closer home the Indian …

The sexual harassment that goes on Behind Closed Cubicles

She works towards preventing sexual harassment at the workplace and specialises in setting up governance models, prevention and redressal committees of sexual harassment in the corporate world. Today, Viji Hari, CEO of Kelp HR, is an author. Launching a fact-based fiction, BCC: Behind Closed Cubicles, she brings out 18 short stories from real incidents…including her …

Opening up a discussion on sexual harassment at work

When HR consultant and former Infosys employee Viji Hari decided to write her first book, she chose the theme of sexual harassment at the workplace because she felt it was an issue that people in the corporate environment still had several questions about but were too scared to seek out answers. “I started my HR consultancy in October 2013 and in …

The troubling story of workplace sexual harassment

~ A young girl finds a picture of hers uploaded (without her permission) on Facebook, with comments like “sexy” and “hot chick” written below it. ~ A soon-to-be-married young man is made to feel uncomfortable by another man’s unwanted attention. Things take an ugly turn when the former starts receiving anonymous emails that threaten to …