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Leadership Lessons from the wild

The author Gokul Santhanam is a Senior Vice President – HR at MphasiS. From his recent visit to the Ranthambore Tiger Reserves in Rajasthan, India, he shares a few of the leadership lessons that he observed from the wilderness and nature. Wilderness Learning 1: Happened to see a water body in the middle of the …

Classroom or Online Training: Getting training to work for you

Ask an employee today about what motivates him/her and the answer you most likely will get is –better career progression. Ask a HR head of any organization about the biggest challenge on hand and they will say – high attrition due to their inability to effectively engage their employees. Dealing with a workforce that is …

Transition from campus to corporate

A fresher in transition from campus to corporate has a big challenge to adapt to the change, their travel is from assignments and semesters to team work and deadlines. Student-life is mostly care-free, typically students live their own timings, bunk classes, skip lessons and still make their grades. Their professors are focused on enhancing learning …

Really! ROI on Training?

Every HR manager worth his/her stripes will be asked this question. So, what is the ROI on training? There are reams of articles and a few books on this subject too. Really!!!? Did you ask your parents what is the ROI on sending you to school? I asked my dad this and here’s what I …

Mind your thoughts

We access information mainly through our three senses: see (visual), hear (auditory) and feel (kinesthetic). The different ways that we represent or store information in our mind are called representational systems. We use all of the representational systems and often have a preferred system. When learning something new, some of us may prefer to see it …