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What Keeps The CHROs Awake?

The answer is simple- their people. We caught up with the CHROs of Phillips India, Roche Diagnostics India, and Lanco to understand more about what kept them constantly on their toes, and the reply was unanimous; their people, their employees. Ravi Kumar, the CHRO of Roche Diagnostics India, said that the secret to keeping your …

Are your Thoughts, Words and Actions in sync?

It is very often said “Mind your thoughts, for they become your actions, mind your actions for they often become a habit and mind your habits for they reflect your character”.  We are driven by some of our inner thoughts and while the words we say and express may not reflect them, these very thoughts …

Keys to a successful Workplace Wellness program

Today it is more than a mere buzzword. Organizations are certainly taking employee wellness more seriously. And with good reason too. On the benevolent side of the tilting scale employers are concerned about rising health issues of their workforce. On the selfish end, of course, lie healthcare costs. Either way, the drivers for this trend …