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The 3 reasons to use online self-assessments only after you visit a counselor

Vivek’s catch-up call with his buddies at work finally materialized as the pandemic forced people indoors. He asked them – ‘How are you all coping with the pandemic?’ Mahesh confessed – ‘First the pandemic, and then Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. For a week, I didn’t get proper sleep. During that time I found it ridiculous …

Top 5 reasons why employers must offer EAP services

Although Ramya was attending a remote team meeting, her attention was on the calls her husband was making. He was speaking to the vendors who owed him several months’ worth of payments, not released, due to the lockdown. Cash-flow meant they could help her parents living far-away in Kolkata, who had just endured the add-on …

5 wake-up calls that tell you to visit a counselor

Prathap and Sunita were undecided. On whether to have the delivery of their child in Chennai where they worked or to travel to their hometown – Mumbai. Unfortunately, along came the pandemic, taking them by surprise. With all modes of travel shut, Prathap and Sunita had to remain in Chennai. Soon, tragedy hit closer home …

Maximise the benefits of Counselling for employees

What is counselling? Counselling refers to a process that psychologically empowers individuals to gain control on their mental health or well-being. Counselling increases self-awareness and a sense of well-being and also an understanding of the resources that he or she can use. When can one seek counselling? Anyone who is struggling with a personal concern can …

Mental wellness support for employees during a pandemic

Ravi wanted to buy a luxury car, against the wishes of his conservative family. The increase in EMI would be taken care of in the upcoming hike and would offset tax. Couldn’t they see it? Grudgingly, they eventually agreed and Ravi was finally getting to live his childhood dream! Alas, a week after he excitedly …