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Meet our Kelpers

Viji Hari
CEO & Co-founder

Viji is an actively involved champion in creating safe and inclusive workplaces. A subject matter expert on Diversity and Inclusion, Setting up prevention and redressal mechanisms against Sexual harassment in the corporate world.

With 19 years of industry experience in MNC’s in India & USA, she has Co-Founded KelpHR in 2013 and authored the book BCC: Behind Closed Cubicles.

Viji’s aim is to impact not just a brand but also enhance the productivity and work culture of the organisation. An active blogger and columnist on various online HR forums while also being third party on the POSH Internal Committee in 10 companies and been conducting awareness workshops for brands like Infosys BPO, Telenor, Volvo, Thoughtworks, Societe Generale, IDFC and many more.

Passionate about this topic and social causes pertaining to women and children. She has spoken at various platforms of NHRD, CII, Rotary events, Colleges on creating safer, Diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Smita Kapoor
She has 20 plus years of corporate work experience in the area of core Employee Relations, Training and Development, which include Strategic Management Advisory Services to mitigate Human Capital Risk, Grievance Redressal of complex work place issues including complaints of discrimination and Sexual harassment, Conflict Resolution, Diversity and Inclusion Management, Human Resource Development, Mentoring, Employee Counseling, and Employee Engagement activities.

She co- Founded KelpHR and is a Subject Matter Expert here. At KelpHR she work with clients to understand their level of compliance with the law; further provide them with appropriate solutions to guide them to be compliant, help create policies and processes. She also assists various organisations IC as a third party to support them in Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal.

She is an active blogger and hosts varied webinars. Her recent webinar co-hosted with People Matters gained lot of accolades from listeners.

Is diversity related to establishing a harassment-free workplace?

As a diversity and inclusion consulting firms in India we realize diversity is one of the main pillars in establishing a respectful workplace. The basis of equality, the acceptance of cultural distinctions, the appreciation of all kinds of diversity, including diversity of thought, will enable a respectful workplace to stand, thus establishing a workplace of mutual regard for all staff.

Our management members are keen on providing the online sexual harassment training course for employees as an engaging event instead of boring speech.