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    What is Diversity & Inclusion?

    diversity and inclusion consulting firms India

    How can we help?

    Our 3-step approach to a diverse workforce

    Your Diversity Goal

    • Identity your diversity goal
    • Develop a project charter with timelines
    • Create a Diversity calendar with key milestones like diversity training workshops

    Infusing the Workforce with Inclusivity

    • Select key departments and teams as D&I ambassadors
    • Train D&I ambassadors and other stakeholders on gender diversity education
    • D&I team initiates change via calendarised activities

    Measure Impact

    • Plan and integrate methods to monitor the impact of the diversity initiatives
    • Streamline the following year’s Diversity goals
    • Draw out action items for the next calendar year

    • Shashikala Krishnamoorthy
    • Quote
      Viji's session on the Aspiration workshop for Women employees was well received by Visteon women employees. This helped boost their confidence and women spoke out the challenges that they faced in their day to day life. This is definitely a recommended program for women to enhance their selves.

      Shashikala Krishnamoorthy,
      Specialist HR

    Today’s workplaces contain a mix of people of all genders, age, education, skill sets. To balance this diversity and create an inclusive environment at workplace, Kelphr provides Diversity and Inclusion workshops for employees which creates awareness and gives them a clear idea of their rights at the workplace.Kelphr is one of the best diversity and inclusion consulting firms in India as it offers Posh Online, classroom Training, Certification and Diversity inclusion training for employees that have reduced sexual harassment and gender diversity-related issues with 200+ clients for the past 4+ years.Our workplace diversity training is designed to increase cultural awareness, encourage empathy, and create an inclusive environment. Diversity training helps prevent and identify inappropriate behaviour and ensure people of every background are provided equal opportunities and a positive work environment to work in.Our diversity offerings have three major components
    1. Help organizations arrive and frame their diversity goal by our experienced diversity consultants and develop a project charter with guidelines and draw up a diversity calendar with milestone.
    2. Infuse the workplace with Inclusivity through identifying and training Diversity & Inclusion ambassadors and support them in gender diversity initiatives and inclusive initiatives through calendered activities.

    Help organizations plan and integrate methods to measure the impact of the training and intervention and to draw out action items for the following year based on the needs and assessment outcomes.