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    Harassment at workplace in India is a big concern. You need a comprehensive Anti Sexual Harassment Solution for your organisation to be safe, secure and legally compliant.
    • Policy design and creation
    • Policy rewrite
    • Design governance mechanisms and processes
    • Formation of Internal Committee
    • Nominate a 3rd party NGO representative
    • Identification of coach and selection of coaching programs
    • Audits & Assessment
    • Employee Awareness workshops
    • Manager Awareness workshops
    • Fact Finders’ training workshops
    • CBT pack for employee and manager education


    • HTML based SCORM compliant module which can be easily integrated with Corporate LMS.

    • 45 mins course with voice over, case studies, interactive quizzes for every module and a final certification quiz.

    • Available in Hindi and English.

    • Can be easily accessed through both desktop and mobile devices.

    • Designed in compliance with the Sexual harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013 – India.

    • Content can be customized to suit corporate needs.


    4 Key steps to be compliant with the ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
    (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013’

    Policy on ‘Prevention of Sexual harassment at the Workplace’

    Your employees needs to know that they are protected – Having the guidelines in place, helps them know that the organisation is on the correct side of the law

    Set-up the Internal Committee

    The Senior members of the Organisation sets the pace – Select and train your leaders to handle prevention, prohibition and redressal of Sexual Harassment complaints in a professional and legally compliant manner.

    Conduct Employee Awareness Programme

    Make it real! Have the employees know that you mean business when it comes to their safety at the Workplace. An interactive session helps each group to know more about the topic – Its a change that your employees can lead, to creating a better workplace.

    Document and Report Annually

    You’ve done it all! Now, report it, so other organisations can follow the lead and learn from your practice!


    • Pranali Chheda
    • Jatinder Salwan
    • Bindu Vinodhan
    • Shanthi Sundar
    • Jinita Desai
    • Quote
      The ASH eLearning module by KelpHR not only served its purpose as an excellent awareness session without bringing in the awkwardness that is otherwise attached to a topic of its kind; it also aligned my audience to the idea of discovering and learning skills through engaging content hosted online. This will aid us in getting more acceptance of making training available via eLearning. Thank you Kelp for making the Learning team’s job easier

      Pranali Chheda,
      Senior Manager – Human Resources,

    • Quote
      Going with KelpHR for our Anti-sexual Harassment Awareness e-learning is one of the best decisions Societe Generale Global Solutions Center took. The mammoth task of creating awareness and certifying 4500 employees across Bangalore & Chennai on this topic, was competently accomplished in two months without any hitches. Their efficiency, professionalism and quality of content was visible in every interaction.

      Jatinder Salwan,
      Head-Talent Aquistion & HR Operations,
      Societe General Global Solutions Centre

    • Quote
      The sheer depth and range of contemporary HR consulting services that KelpHR provides makes partnering with them a true value add. Their ability to understand strategic business issues and narrow down on HR consultants with specialistic skills proves to be a clear market differentiator. I have been amazed and (I must admit) selfishly delighted, at their agility and flexibility to meet client timelines and I really respect the teams thorough professionalism. If there was one reason I could attribute to the success of some of our partnerships with KelpHR is that they listen…truly, patiently, diligently and holistically... listen!! There is absolutely no desire to thrust readymade solutions; in-fact there is a willingness to co-create interventions that are truly tailor-made and therefore high impact! I wish KelpHR all the very best for yet another year of benchmark services, transformational interventions and an avalanche of marquee clients!

      Bindu Vinodhan,
      TILLT (The Institute of Leadership Learning and Transformation)

    • Quote
      We brought on board, KelpHR, to support the roll-out of Anti Sexual Harassment policy at Pega India including training for our employees /managers & helping set up the ICC. They handled the entire portfolio end-to-end. I must say that it was very well managed right from the word go! We had tremendous hands on support and flexibility to define the approach we wanted to take. While the larger Act had to be complied with, KelpHR supported in making it relevant to our organisation. Pega India has been a happy customer of KelpHR and expects great relations in future too!

      Shanthi Sundar,
      Sr. Director and Head HR-India,
      Pegasystems Inc.

    • Quote
      The session by Punitha was very nice and interactive. She educated us with lot of case studies and role plays. Though the duration was less.

      Jinita Desai,
      Chief Manager to MD’s office & Human Resources
      Howden India

    The most effective weapon against workplace harassment is prevention. Harassment against women and minorities requires to be addressed in order to prevent it. It is more likely that when the problem is not addressed, the harassment will worsen and become more difficult to remedy as time goes on Anti-harassment policy in the workplace explains what harassment is, helps give out a clear message to employees that harassment will not be tolerated, and provides guidelines on how employers and employees should respond to incidents of harassment Anti-harassment policies also set forth a detailed mechanism by which employees can seek redressal for their complaints.

    To offer protection against sexual harassment of women at workplace and to reduce complaints of sexual harassment. Kelphr offers an Anti-sexual harassment policy for companies that makes your firm secure and legally compliant. We provide an online sexual harassment training course for employees for more than 200 companies in all cities in India.
    We provide Posh Workshop and Certification for Employees at workplace India. The Posh Training for women and Posh policy creates awareness of sexual harassment.

    KelpHr enables organizations to effectively address and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.