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  • Gap Analysis and Guiding Recommendations
  • Design/Redesign of policies, for India and other countries.
  • Policies for Start-up’s (Employee Manual, Policies, Hiring, Onboarding Kit)
  • Policy Communication to employees (Creatives, cartoons, Infographics for mailers, posters)

How KelpHR can help?

Our 3-step approach for the company policies

Organization Culture –
As-Is Analysis of existing Policy / Client discussions to understand org-culture, vision and purpose of the new policy

Industry Benchmarked Policy – Comparison with general industry trends and implement the best practices to suit your organization, while complying to statutory provisions

Policy Design and Roll-out – Design of the Policy and roll out org-wide communication via mailer series or roadshows to reach the employees

Policies and KelpHR

Importance of Company Policies

  • The talent market is changing so rapidly that the company policies that drive workplace culture need to reflect that.

  • Ensure your policy aligns with all aspects of company philosophy, vision, Culture, value for the employees, statutory provisions of the country.

  • Companies are growing at breakneck speed. Outdated policies that are not market competitive could be the biggest reason for talent attrition.

  • Policy development is a critical task but your HR teams need to focus on more strategic aspects such as implementation of the policies and assessing their impact.

We, at KelpHR

  • Spend time in understanding what you want to position and work on the policies to make them aligned to that.

  • Keep ourselves abreast with the industry best practices and follow the local law of the land.

  • Realize the importance of addressing your concerns by evaluating, developing and recommending changes as per most recent trends and industry best practices.

  • Ensure that we take this essential, but tactical task on and deliver to your expectations, so that your HR teams can focus on the strategy.


How can I get support in drafting a policy for my organization?

Having a POSH policy is a mandatory requirement for compliance. Your legal team / HR team should be able to assist you in developing the Prevention of Sexual Harassment policy. Alternatively, Kelphr has effectively created, implemented and undertaken sensitization workshops in multiple companies.