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The power of collective complaints against sexual harassment

While climbing down the stairs at the office, a kind co-worker slapped a bug off my behind. He showed me the dead bug, and I profusely thanked him. Over the next couple of months, I stumbled upon stories of three other colleagues who had experienced an ‘altruistic’ co-worker crush a bug either off their shoulder, …

5 ways to enhance your company’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

At the beginning of a training program on Anti-Sexual Harassment, the trainer enthusiastically asked us ‘What do you expect from this session?’ Our group, noisy till then, miraculously turned silent in response. Each one expecting the other to answer. Finally, a senior employee salvaged the situation by providing a politically correct answer and appeasing the …

How to effectively handle sexual harassment complaints at your organization

As the workplace becomes more and more diverse, there are several pros as well as some cons that arise. The unconscious biases start manifesting themselves in a bigger way when different people come together in teams. One of the ways in which such a bias shows up is sexual harassment because of preconceived gender notions. …