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    Biases That We Pass on – to Our Next Generation!

    They say that biases is what has helped us make our civilisation exist through all caveman time and till now! But I am intrigued, have some of these biases been inherited – rather passed on! My thought was confirmed with this incident. So, it all started with my daughter’s drama show on the weekend. Prior …


    Can smileys sent on WhatsApp land you in trouble and cost you your job? Can it be termed as Sexual Harassment? Yes, as per the recent BSNL Sexual harassment case filed by a lady employee in Tuticorin. The context, type of smiley sent, the frequency and time when the message was sent needs to be …

    Keys to a successful Workplace Wellness program

    Today it is more than a mere buzzword. Organizations are certainly taking employee wellness more seriously. And with good reason too. On the benevolent side of the tilting scale employers are concerned about rising health issues of their workforce. On the selfish end, of course, lie healthcare costs. Either way, the drivers for this trend …