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    Transforming Workplaces

    According to a 2017 report published on the human rights of transgender persons in India by the National Human Rights Commission, 92% of transgender persons are denied jobs, 99% of them have faced some form of social rejection. The report contained many such shocking facts about a much mistreated and maligned community which led to …

    Hey Diversity, make a little space for ‘Inclusion’

    After much deliberation, the BU Head of the Healthcare division hired Merlyn – a Data Analyst to take over the non-core, transactional activities of the Delivery Managers (DMs). In doing so, he earned himself Diversity brownie points, for Merlyn was from an underrepresented group that MNCs like theirs encouraged hiring. The DMs were happy to …

    The impact of smoking breaks on Inclusion

    After a year of planning, our rather large team finally got together for a two-day outbound event. On day one of the team-building activity, the boss on his customary smoking break was eagerly joined by the cigarette-smoking members of the team. Witnessing the bonhomie evolve, many non-smoking members who could withstand the smoke, soon joined …

    KelpHR’s Presents India’s first of its kind Online Diversity Summit!

      Diversity and Inclusion has various branches ranging from Regional, Gender, Disability, Sexual orientation, Generational and evolving further each day. The focus is different for each country, but inclusion is the core. In India, Gender diversity was and is still a core area of focus in Manufacturing sectors. Disability hiring is picking up pace because …