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    What Managers Must Do if a Team Member Suffers from a Mental Health Issue

    Managers are the initial point of contact for most employees, and hence have an added responsibility to watch out for the physical and emotional wellness of their team members. With work from home making it difficult to see and gauge what a person may be facing and the nerve-wracking uncertainty unleashed by the pandemic, many …

    How to Help Children Cope with Stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic

    Children have been the real HEROES this pandemic. Their sheer resilience and adaptability, despite being too young to understand the repercussions and ramifications of what the world is going through in these unprecedented times, has been a real eye opener for us.  But it would be unfair to say it’s not been tough for them …

    Is Covid-19 Affecting Your Mental Health?

    Is Covid 19 Affecting Your Mental Health? What You Can Do.

    There are millions of people today who are reeling under the repercussions of the pandemic but have to silently suffer through it.  Women in general, and particularly those working from home who have been cut off from support systems of maids, nannies, and caregivers are physically and mentally drained. Everyone is going through a gamut …