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    We have travelled some distance in understanding Harassment at the Workplace. However, there is a reality that we are avoiding! People who spend 9 – 12 hours at the Workplace and have close interaction on projects, deadlines and even join Facebook and other interest clubs together, will eventually find themselves in a romantic relationship with …

    Organising the Unorganised

    Why is mall concept so popular? Why folks prefer departmental stores over local kirana shop? Why is online shopping on a rise? Reasons are pretty simple……. It is a one stop shop for people’s needs. It is convenient and safe. User experience is amazing Do you think there is a need for an HR marketplace? …

    Keys to a successful Workplace Wellness program

    Today it is more than a mere buzzword. Organizations are certainly taking employee wellness more seriously. And with good reason too. On the benevolent side of the tilting scale employers are concerned about rising health issues of their workforce. On the selfish end, of course, lie healthcare costs. Either way, the drivers for this trend …