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Consensual Relationship at Work-What does it result in?

A recent news report shares how the McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook was fired because of his ‘consensual relationship’ with an employee. The Board acted swiftly to ensure transparency. Closer home, in India, the incidents that surrounded Phaneesh Murthy’s removal first from Infosys and then iGATE are in a similar vein. At iGATE, Mr Murthy was …

Common biases in the workplace

We cannot pretend that biases do not exist. They do. It is a natural part of us and because of decades of stereotyping and heuristic thinking, it is deeply ingrained. Biases can permeate the air of an organization, influencing everyday decisions and eventually deterring the organization’s ability to thrive in a hyper-competitive world. In the …

Biases In The Life Of Women

  Are you aware of the fact that gender bias starts even before a child is born? How many of you have wanted to ask or have asked someone who’s due for delivery, “Do you want a girl or a boy?’’ or “Will you be happy if it’s a girl or a boy?”While mostly urban …