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  • March 9, 2018

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A lot of women drop out after they are married or post-maternity. This is in large part because women in India continue to shoulder the burden of childcare or elder care. At the same time, many employers fail to provide adequate maternity and childcare support to working mothers.

There are multiple studies that have proven that companies with women in leadership roles perform better because of their ability to focus on the big picture, strong focus on the interpersonal relationships, healthy risk awareness, social responsibility, and empathy – and hence the emphasis on the finding/hiring more women and grooming them for leadership roles.

I was recently in a Diversity Summit in Bangalore. It was awe-inspiring to meet and listen to all the lovely ladies from across India Inc., holding various leadership roles. We networked over 2 days and the conversations focussed on why and how there are only very few women leaders at the top. Is it the personal challenge of multitasking work and family? Who stops Women from reaching the glass ceiling?

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