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  • March 9, 2018

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Viji Hari is the CEO of KelpHR and the author of Behind Closed Cubicles (BCC) on how to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace.  

A Pandora’s box was opened earlier this year in Silicon Valley when cases of sexual harassment in companies like Uber, and VC firms like 500 Startups’ surfaced. Closer home the Indian startup ecosystem too sat up and took note of the rampant sexual harassment incidents in this space.

In wake of multiple cases of sexual harassment that came to light, startup founders, CEOs and VC’s made it a priority to address this issue. In this context, Viji Hari, CEO of KelpHR wrote Behind Closed Cubicles, a book that for managers, employees and HR professionals on how to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace.

In a freewheeling chat with YourStory, Viji talks about her venture KelpHR, how sexual harassment pans out and the need for individuals and organisations to deal with it effectively.

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