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Hi there,

Before we judge the intentions, let us ensure that we understand the work culture at your organisation. And you may need to understand your manager’s expectation in terms of reporting about the work at the end of the day. If your manager expects a response at a specific time of the work day, then you may need to check if it is inline with the HR policies in your company.

If you are not comfortable, you need to state the same to your manager. Keep your HR in the loop and ensure that the discussion is not from an offensive standpoint, but a ‘exploring’ standpoint.

Giving suggestions that it is necessary for employees to have their time off-work, completely to themselves, will be received more positively.

Here, I wouldn’t recommend that we conclude this as a case of Sexual Harassment. However, I would advise that you politely share that you do not wish to discuss personal matters with your supervisor.

In case the supervisor persists and continues to discuss personal matters, please do raise a complaint with the HR as you are uncomfortable with the way the your manager speaks to you, on your personal matters.

If the conversations takes on a sexual tone, then, please raise a complaint with the IC. Do ensure that you save all conversations so that there is evidence.