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Hi there,

Really good question and its important to be proactive on the matter.

While this isn’t directly linked to Sexual Harassment, its important to notice that there may be many employees who may feel that behaviour like touching, kissing, etc especially among couples, is accepted at your company. So, it is important to reiterate the importance of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours.

This can become a hostile environment to those who disagree with this kind of display of affection. This can then be referred to as ‘Sexual Harassment’ especially to those who are not complying to this behaviour.

Also, this can breed a lot of favouritism, especially if the reporting manager is dating someone from the team. It can create conflict of interest to both parties involved in this consensual relationship.

Therefore, here are some of our recommendations :

– Please reiterate the importance of the workplace and the expected behaviours here.
– Dating Policy : Ensure your company has guidelines when it comes to the dating someone from the workplace.
– Please reiterate the ASH policy – Its important for both parties in a consensual relationship to also realise that they could be harassing others, when they behave in a sexual manner at the workplace.