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Hi there,

Thanks for writing to us. Here are a few steps that we recommend, you take, immediately before the situation gets escalated.

1. Give assurance to all.
2. Ask the alleged complainant to give a written complaint to the firm or with the police as a report to the media cannot be taken up as a formal complaint.
3. Assure that action will be taken up against the accused, if proven.
4. Take steps to become compliant to the Act. For a 40 -50 people organisations, provisions can be made to establish an IC.
5. Also understand the root cause – If such harassment exists, as the Head of the Company, you may need to change the organisation’s culture slowly by setting examples and conducting behavioural and code of conduct trainings

One may think that these trainings are restricted to MNCs only-That’s is just a myth. It is necessary for all organisations to not just focus on training people to do their work – but also on the behaviours required at the Workplace.

As a consultant, we work with many organisations such as yours. Please reach out to us for more support at vijia@kelphr.com, smita@kelphr.com

Thanks and regards,