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Hi Anita,

While conversations among couples cannot really be stopped, it is necessary to understand the impact of their unprofessional conversation at the workplace. here are some aspects to consider for yourself and the couples at the Workplace?

For you :
– Is the conversation eliciting a form of jealousy ?
– How do you define your feelings watching these couples?
– How does this affect your work?

If these conversations are affecting your work negatively and this may be the case for more than one employee in the team, it is necessary to speak to the couple and let them know how the rest of the team maybe affected by their conversation.

The couples:
– Do you think your interaction may be crossing the boundaries of common decency that needs to be maintained at the Workplace?
– Are your conversations personal, but too loud for the co-workers to hear?
If your answer is ‘yes’, please note that this is creating a hostile environment at your Workplace. It is necessary for your partner and you, to speak to your Manager and understand if you can work in separate departments. This way, your interaction will not be causing the team to feel left out.

Hope this helps!