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We have travelled some distance in understanding Harassment at the Workplace. However, there is a reality that we are avoiding! People who spend 9 – 12 hours at the Workplace and have close interaction on projects, deadlines and even join Facebook and other interest clubs together, will eventually find themselves in a romantic relationship with …


No. you won’t. This is the first thought that crosses our mind when we are in a dilemma – whether or not to complain about harassment we encounter at the work. Our country has legislations and rules to combat sexual harassment and it is our duty to foster change in our workplaces by using these …

Survey on Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, India

December 2013 saw the birth of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act or ASH as it has come to be known in corporate parlance. With the government now recognising harassment of employees in the workplace as a crime, every organisation began to focus on calibrating their internal processes for channelizing any reported incidents. Every organisation with more …

Workforce Surveys- What works well for you

I just finished my 3rd survey of the week!!! Imagine that – I fill up 3-7 surveys a week – the cabs I travel in, restaurants we eat at, online purchase of food and groceries, and so on…. Now, it’s my turn to create a survey for my employees… What are all these surveys telling …

Business performance unplugged

Understanding the might of Learning Needs Analysis Limited budgets. Cost-effective solutions. Need to ensure bulls-eye targeting of monies and resources at areas where learning and development is needed. And, a guaranteed and measurable positive return on investment A business-effective solution to counter these challenges is the Learning Needs Analysis (LNA). LNA throws clarity to determine …