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Best Practices Leave Policy Across India 442x249 - Best practices on Leave Policies across Corporate India

Best practices on Leave Policies across Corporate India

If you have been working for a decade or more, it is likely that you would have noticed a significant change in the kind of approach organizations are taking towards their leave policies. With the change in the workforce demographics and younger talent flooding our corporate space, the purpose of giving leave itself has started …

Biases That We Pass on – to Our Next Generation!

  They say that biases is what has helped us make our civilisation exist through all caveman time and till now! But I am intrigued, have some of these biases been inherited – rather passed on! My thought was confirmed with this incident. So, it all started with my daughter’s drama show on the weekend. …

Why CEO's Are Still Against Implementing PoSH Compliance?

    The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 came into existence and enforcement from the year 2013 for the safety of woman at workplaces. But, ‘why are the employers still hesitant or against implementing the Act’ in their corporate system? The reasons vary: *        It takes the least …


We have travelled some distance in understanding Harassment at the Workplace. However, there is a reality that we are avoiding! People who spend 9 – 12 hours at the Workplace and have close interaction on projects, deadlines and even join Facebook and other interest clubs together, will eventually find themselves in a romantic relationship with …

Confidentiality At Workplace

As per the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, Confidentiality is given at most importance, the Act defines the following: Every aspect of an investigation should be kept confidential. Maintaining confidentiality is critical to the integrity of an investigation. There can be serious consequences for failing to ensure that …

Head-in-the-clouds but feet-on-the-ground employee engagement

OK folks, it is time to give the ‘good feel’ fella called employee engagement serious shape. How does this sound? High engagement workplaces have a 63% difference in shareholder return 50% higher sales 56% higher customer loyalty 38% above average productivity 27% higher profits Are you kidding, do I hear you ask? Let me ask …

Handshakes of retention – the stay and exit interviews

Leaders of organizations are unanimous that honest feedback from employees is critical to improving organizational culture and retaining valuable talent. The million dollar question teases – how does one collect such open and honest feedback? Let us look at two powerful feedback mechanisms – the exit and stay interviews. Timing is the difference between the …

Organising the Unorganised

Why is mall concept so popular? Why folks prefer departmental stores over local kirana shop? Why is online shopping on a rise? Reasons are pretty simple……. It is a one stop shop for people’s needs. It is convenient and safe. User experience is amazing Do you think there is a need for an HR marketplace? …



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