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#Anti-Sexual Harassment Act

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KelpHR’s Sexual Harassment Industry Report – 2016

KelpHR releases the Sexual Harassment Industry Report 2016 The Sexual Harassment Industry Report 2016 was conducted and released by KelpHR, one of India’s leading HR Consultancy firm with their flagship offering on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace. The report is based on a survey conducted in July-August 2016. A total of 291 working …

Who says 'Everything's Alright'?

We spoke to some industry experts who are working for the cause of women, 3rd party ICC external members, on the issue of Sexual Harassment at the Workplaces. We asked them ‘How much’ of the law has been implemented. This is what they said…  

Survey on Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, India

December 2013 saw the birth of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act or ASH as it has come to be known in corporate parlance. With the government now recognising harassment of employees in the workplace as a crime, every organisation began to focus on calibrating their internal processes for channelizing any reported incidents. Every organisation with more …

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace – Getting it Right

December 9th, 2013 chartered the commencement of a big rule-out in anti-sexual harassment laws in the legal system of India. The law projected how anti-sexual harassment has been placed in India and how people have been accepting it. With industries pluming in rapid expanse, corporates turned out to be a second home for employees, as …

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013 – India

What is Sexual Harassment Act? As stated by the act, “An Act to provide protection against Sexual harassment of women at workplace and for Prevention and redressal of complaints of Sexual harassment and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.” The Act will ensure that women are protected against sexual harassment at all the work …